Dreams I Had 2021

For the last five years I have written down my dreams because I remember a lot of them and clearly. I think that dreams have meanings to them although I don't necessarily know what. Below is a list of the past few years worth of dreams as well as the dreams I have had in 2021:

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January 9, 2021: I am currently out of work and there was this job that opened up to just do some cleaning in my dream and I thought it would be better than nothing. I applied and went to the house and it was a huge house. There was one daughter who put the ad together. She was probably close to my age. She had like Pine Sol and a towel and I told her my mom used pine sol when I was younger but didn't know specifically what to use it on. She showed me these cabinets and drawers that needed it but they were so high up that I would have needed a ladder. That's how huge this house was. Before I could do that though I had done something else in the house or maybe they were showing me the rest of the house because when I got back to the kitchen, there were 3 more sisters. I asked how many sisters there were in the family and they said 4. I think there were also little kids and some brothers so a huge family and huge house. The sister that put the ad together wanted to talk to someone in person who could vouch for me and my work ethic. They wanted me to come back the next day after they went through my paperwork. The next day I showed up and they said they were meeting with Will. Two-faced Will from a job I worked at for a few months but I went along with it. He said he was walking and so it would be awhile and the dad said he would pay for him to take an Uber or something. While waiting for Will, the dad was on his huge bed watching tv and I decided to lay on the bed. He started giving me a foot massage which was super uncomfortable and I had a ring on and never hinted anything except the fact that I needed a job and was helping him out. Luckily it was only a few minutes before Will got there. I never saw Will but when he got there, he had given the dad a coke zero to give to me. I don't remember a mom in the picture so I'm thinking it was a single dad looking for someone who could help clean, watch the kids and take them where they need to be. More like a nanny maybe. So anyways I was going to be in the meeting with the dad and will but ended up talking to one of the sisters and figured it would be best if I let them talk. Will got me a Coke Zero so I was hoping that meant he was making peace. I don't know if I got the job or what Will told him before i woke up.

January 15 - I was visiting Sus but I lived in Utah. I was at Latonya's house though because I had this huge room where I was packing. If I walked out to the left, it was her parent's room and if I walked out to the right, it was her brother's room. Michelle G and her husband from High School were also in my dream. So in order to go back home to Utah, I had to fly from Hawaii to Utah. Well since I was dreaming, we could drive to Hawaii and it was 4 hours from where we were. My flight was the next day and leaving at 8pm so my plan was to leave the night before at 8pm, drive 4 hours, get there at midnight and have plenty of time to make my flight (16 hours ha ha). Well as I'm packing, I realize I have more stuff that I had left there from my last visit that I also wanted to pack up and so it was taking longer than usual. I was contemplating leaving at 8am to get there by noon and have plenty of time still. Before I could talk to Sus about that new plan, I hear yelling from Latonya's brother's room. He is yelling at his parents across the hall so I'm basically in the middle of it. Her brother is yelling so much that her dad walks out of his room, goes in the son's room and starts beating him, hitting him and I could hear it so much that I start crying. 
Apparently Michelle and her husband's room is also the same room as the brother's because they come out of that room and are surprised by what's going on as well. I am packing up wrapping paper but it keeps falling off the roll. Michelle says she was going to see if she had some extra tubes that I can wrap the wrapping paper around. This wrapping paper seems endless like it's continuously falling off the roll and it's never-ending. 
January 13I had a dream that I was helping out in the kitchen with this church camp. Gloria and Bill were in another state but I guess they were in charge of this camp. My job was for two hours after dinner, and after serving dinner to the camp, help with laundry (personal and others) and cleaning. I would get paid but I didn't know how to clock in or how to track my time. I ended up tracking it under Accounting somehow but I decided I would figure out those details later since we didn't have any leadership there helping. I was talking to this lady next to me about religion since we were at a Christian camp and she said she was LDS. I told her I was a born-again Christian and a guy in front of me who also was helping worked there said, "Evangelical Christian" and I have no idea why he was in our conversation. Before this, we had served meatloaf and brisket. I was the one that was asking everyone what they wanted, to raise hands if they wanted seconds, and helped with passing it out. I actually really enjoyed this. I had just started this job a few days before. Kevin was also at the camp but back in our room. A few days in, Bill gets on this big TV while we are in the middle of cleaning and talks to me for a minute. Then Gloria got on and let everyone know that they were going to treat us to a surprise. We had to take a flight from California to Maryland the next day at midnight. We would arrive around 6am which doesn't make sense in real life. I thought we were going skydiving initially but why would we have to go to Maryland to skydive? I never saw the surprise before my alarm woke me up!
I also had a dream that in my house there were little tiny fires and I would pour water over them to put them out and then another one would start and I would pour water over it and then this would continue 5-10 times. It didn't get past the small fire and it didn't spread but it was very odd that it was in the same place in my house over and over again. 
January 21
I had a dream that there was this auction at this school and they were auctioning off and having a contest based on who had the best regular photo or drawn photo of a specific topic. Well in this case one of the topics was Lifeflight so I was looking and saw all of these photos of my Dad that I hadn't seen before. Some were drawn, some were taken, it was incredible. I walked around with Lisa from my old job and I guess there was a different topic because our family friends growing up would always write like a yearly recap Christmas letter and one of the girls that was my age, Meghan, had written this letter in my dream and I wanted her to reach out because I hadn't seen or heard from her in so long. It was in the auction though so I wasn't sure if I could add my name and vote for hers as the best and then add my number. I added my number and then someone told me not to because anyone walking by could just look at it and write it down. So then I thought about email but the same thing so I just scratched both off and just decided to talk to who was in charge, who at that time was Jason who was my old boss. I mentioned maybe adding a paper on the back that we could attach to the ones we like and add personal information and then staple it to the main page or something. I think he was more onboard with that idea. 
I also had a dream that I was either with Kevin or Albert and there was this girl there, wherever we were and she straight up kissed him in front of me. This was my boyfriend at the time. I was not happy obviously. Then awhile later, she kissed him again and then they went into this back room so I just decided at that point that I was done. I should have been done after one kiss but after the second, I was done with both of them completely. 
January 23
I had a dream that it was a Wednesday and I was back at Pasolivo. I got hired on at the downtown store for $15/hour. I had to bring Jace with me because I had no one to watch him but I figured since I had worked there before, they would be OK with it, although it was a different store and I was in a different position. I wasn't marketing but doing the pitching and sales. We had moved so I used Google to help me find the downtown store and got there with about 5 minutes to spare. I didn't bring Jace anything to do but figured it would be ok. Someone else had their girl there similar in age and they had the doors that close to the back room and there were balloons and stuff back there to keep them occupied. I asked the ladies at the front if they could refresh my memory on the pitch because it's been awhile. We had a few people walk through the door but it was people they knew so there was no sales pitch involved. It was getting more crowded when  the doorbell rang, in real life, so I woke up and Thank the Lord I did because $15/hour with a degree is not what I'm looking for:)
January 25
I had a dream that I had to do this project and it was a marketing project. I had to put together a marketing plan with costs etc. I had three people come by and ask me if I could help with theirs and I told them I wasn't sure how to calculate the costs and they basically were like, "OK then we don't want to talk to you about it" and two of the three moved on to someone else. You had to basically pick a subject and do analysis on it. There was one guy that stayed and him and I ended up working together on his and mine. I then remembered I had this apple crisp thing in the crockpot that was supposed to be in there for 7 hours so I went this long way to the kitchen and found it. It looked like it had been opened or someone had had some or it had spilled or something. I was going back the easier route to find something and that same guy was where I needed to be so I had him open the window for me and I jumped through and grabbed what I needed. 
January 28
I had a dream that I had a really small and short eyebrow and then one really long eyebrow with really long thick hair that went almost down to my chin. It was odd.
January 30
I had several dreams about working. Conveniently, I'm not working so it's very odd that I continue to have dreams that I am. The first one, I was back at my old job Progrexion (I have had countless dreams/nightmares about this place). I was paid hourly instead of on commission so I wasn't as stressed and I was using my personal cell phone so I could use headphones and walk around instead of just staying in one spot. I was talking to the lady and I sold her on the services. Unfortunately, we closed for the weekend at 4pm on a Wednesday so I was one of the last ones in the call center trying to get her information while Preston A. was my supervisor. His friends all came in, while I was on the phone and were tooting and one flirted with me when I was done. He was 20 years old and I told him I was 35, in a serious relationship and not interested. They kept being annoying and obnoxious. 
My next dream I got a job working as a customer care center person for Mervyn's. Well Mervyn's is pretty much bankrupt so I was the only one in this house taking calls for customer care. I was getting paid $15/hour to take these calls. Except I literally took one phone call in like 5 hours. I was in this house and I had one supervisor, one other lady who was helping with cleaning, and then it ended up being that we were at Jace's Nana's because the guy that was there was actually his grandpa. I guess she remarried a buff white man who was some sort of security guard, maybe a police officer. Anyways back to the one phone call that I took. I didn't know who it was but it sounded like another representative and my supervisor kept asking me questions to ask her and when I got off the phone she said, "You did a terrible job. That was a terrible phone call." I had to stress to HER that that was my first phone call! 
February 1
I had a dream that there was like 150 us in a classroom and we were about to play this challenging game. There were three groups of 50 people. I'm pretty sure I had this dream because I was helping Jace with division all this week. Anyways, there was one coach that the class would pick out for each group of 50 people. There were three teams and you were trying to guess who belongs in what group I think but I'm not entirely sure. I was the first one to say something, "Raise your hand if you received a score higher than 94% on (the first portion of the challenge)" I figured those people would all go to one spot and end up in the same group. I was one of them. I was hoping I would be the coach but then another guy started talking and he ended up being the coach. 
Before I ended up in this classroom, I was in a parking garage and my friend was in there. She parked her white honda and I was talking to her. For some reason, I went back to her car and opened the passenger side. I didn't get in or anything. She had no idea what I was doing and neither did I because I didn't even drive with her. We went into the classroom. 
Kevin and I were kinda not on good terms in my dream and he was in the classroom as well but didn't really acknowledge me. Since I walked and my friend from the honda above went home earlier, she said Kevin said he would take me home or I could stay with him. I stayed at the classroom for a few hours and decided to go to Whitney P's. 
At Whitney's - which was like a block away from the school - I had one child and she had two children. Jace was the one in my dream and then she had a little boy and a little girl. Jace was younger though because they all were in a pool, all had on floaties and then they were in this big inner tube together. Whitney took a photo and put it on social media and because the kids were in the water and we weren't, we got a lot of comments saying how we were horrible parents and how we weren't watching the kids. After awhile, I really wasn't paying attention to the kids and Whitney said she laid them down for bed on a table next to the classroom that I came from. It was 11pm now and people were still coming out of the classroom. A towel was over all three of the kids and I checked on them and lifted the towel. They said they were fine with the towel over their heads so I let them be. A few minutes later, they were up and people were coming out of the classroom still. By this point, I had changed and was hoping to see Kevin but it looked like he left already. The kids were up so I took them back to Whitney's. 
February 15
I had a dream that if you go inside this house and climb up this attic type thing, you will end up in this secret restaurant in the sky. It's more like a bar - there were only 10 seats and a bartender and like one other person. I thought about writing a kids book on this because how cool would it be to have this secret hideaway in the sky? Anyways, it was me, some random guy and a toddler that didn't belong to me. I was trying to hide from the guy but he knew about this secret hideout so he went up to find me, I saw him walk in and I hid under the table - leaving the toddler in his seat. The guy pulled the tablecloth up and then I woke up. I'm not sure why I hid from him or what was going on. I also had a dream about the ocean but I don't remember anything more than that.
February 16
I had a dream it was my birthday and I was having this pool party and I had alcohol and then I ended up having like 30 people there but literally it was all family and zero friends. Then my ex Kevin showed up and I was dating current Kevin but he wasn't there and I'm not sure where he was. Anyway I'm getting drunk and so are some other people. Everyone finally leaves and ex Kevin I think is divorced in my dream and he wants to watch a movie. I was about to but because of current Kevin and the fact that I was drunk I made up the excuse that I was sooo ready for bed. I walked him to his car and asked him if he was ok to drive cuz he had been drinking and he said no. That's when I woke up. Good thing I didn't have to make a decision on that one.
February 24I had a dream that I worked with Roxy and a bunch of other people at a call center. We were having a meeting and there was maybe 10 of us. We made breakfast to serve everyone including pancakes and sausage. A coworker came up to me and asked me if I could work a 4 hour shift for her the next day, Saturday. I told her no because I really didn't want to work longer than I had to at a call center. Apparently this was not the right answer. Me and another coworker went to this gym thing and I remember we climbed this thing and had to jump off. I closed my eyes and jumped and it felt like forever and I don't even remember hitting the ground. Next thing I know we are in the car being chased by 5 cars, aka all of the coworkers, because I would not work that extra shift. I ran into the office before everyone else and the only thing near me was garlic powder so someone came into the room I was in and I threw garlic powder in their face. They coughed so hard and had no idea what was going on. I continued to do that to everyone who walked in and I even put some in a water bottle that someone drank. Roxy peeked through the window and I remember I all of the sudden had "lemonade" in my hand aka poison. I was about to poison my coworkers. For some reason,  I was drinking it too but it did nothing so I'm not sure what was in it exactly. I asked a few people if they wanted a drink of the lemonade I got at the gym. Some people fell for it so between the poisoned lemonade and garlic powder, I hurt most of them. I don't remember what I did to Roxy but it was weird waking up and seeing her post stuff on Facebook after I tried to kill her lol 
March 12
I have been watching a lot of My 600 Pound Life on TLC lately and I had a dream that I was dating a guy who was almost to that weight. He was really nice but as I introduced him to my family, I wasn't so sure about if I wanted to date him still. My mom let us borrow her tub and bedroom for the night but I wasn't sure if I wanted him to stay over. I went into the bathroom for literally who knows how long and when I came out, he was pretty much up and ready to go home. He said he got the point. It was sad and I really had no explanation. He was really nice, just not the type of guy I wanted to be with or that I saw in my future. 
March 20-21
I had a dream that I was working for this non-profit group and they wanted me to help with cleaning up this apartment unit along with 3 other volunteers and 3 leaders. I arrived in front of the apartment at the time I was supposed to, 8am, and no one was there yet. Even though I was volunteering, you still had to follow certain rules and guidelines in order for you to continue working with them. There was a balcony in the backyard (which the backyard is where I pulled up to, it was a weird setup) and I was thinking of climbing over the balcony and opening the back sliding door but decided to wait instead. There was a note that was left by another volunteer working on a house next door. I decided to go to the front door which was through another door (this sounds confusing I know) but they had a door that you opened and then you can decide which apartment unit to go to so the front door was inside that door. Anyways, I knocked on the door to the right apartment unit and eventually everyone showed up and some were already inside. There was a leader that was not doing their job correctly and was told that they could lose their job if they don't do better. I think we had beds in the apartment unit, bunk beds, where we slept until we were completely done with the project. I remember we had to set the table and we had a guy come in and talk to us and that's when he got mad at the leader. He also said that if we do well on this project, we can come back next year. This dream was so intense and I was so into it. 
Last night I had a dream that my friends shop, Sweet Bee, was offering a chance to talk about or discuss your company and specials/offers and they would promote it for free. I met up and was told I had a chance to explain my company using a microphone because there were a lot of people there who wanted their company promoted. I think it was only going on for like 24 hours or something. I told everyone about my glitter tumblers and how I had an etsy page. I said that the name of my etsy page was AbbiesShop which is actually true but I didn't give them the link or anything. I think I was super nervous and just kind of forgot how they could get to my pages but I was excited that I was getting the word out there for free. I think I rode a bike to this event. It was very strange.
March 27 I had a dream I was at church family camp but I was there with Kevin (who wasn't being nice to me) and his Mom I think and I had all of this paperwork in my hand for Jace's homework. At this camp, you are partnered with someone (and there were so many people) by a stretchy rubberband. So basically my name got called and I had to find someone to partner with. Jocelyn called my name. I put my paperwork down, went down this little hill thing, and I guess I found this guy that wanted to partner up because he had this huge rubberband. Well I held it and then he ended up pulling too hard and broke the rubberband. Right then, I had another guy come up and take over to be my partner. He was younger and totally my type but that's all I remember. Kevin was actually there but in another back room working on something. I knew he would not be too happy, especially since this guy was kind of like hanging on me, hugging me because we were partners now. So we were told that there was literally one million games for all of us to play, we were there for a week and we had no phone service. We couldn't even take photos because I went to take a photo of something and my phone asked for a password. I went to where Kevin was because he was going to leave me there for the week and he was working on something with spikes, I'm unsure what it was but as I was going to tell him that we wouldn't have phone service the entire time, he started being mean so I decided to just not tell him and leave him alone. I left and there was another guy who was by me when I was taking a photo or something and he typed a password into my phone. It worked for a second but we were standing right by a lady who worked there so she saw him do that. Seconds later my phone was locked again. The only game I remember was we were up on a higher level and I looked down and saw a buffalo and was told the buffalo had to attack some chickens to see who won. I'm not sure who won but I know I was afraid that the buffalo was going to attack us. 
April 11 I had a dream that I was at a school and was 5 months pregnant and I actually felt really good!
April 26 I had a dream that I got a job and I was going to be the president of a church. Not a boss, not an owner, but the president. I don't exactly know what that entails and I was waiting to get introduced by this lady so I could start my position and I was at the church and kept waiting. I was in front of the members and was waiting and woke up before I was introduced. 
April 27 I had a dream I was on a Ski slope without skis or without the bar in front and I pictured myself falling forward into the depths below. I also had a dream I was in this fancy place and was trying to find an open bathroom stall. There was one where the toilet was literally in the corner and I had like one foot of space and I was like...nope, this isn't gonna work! It was a really bizarre and tiny stall. 
April 28 I had a dream that Susy wasn't married and had 3 kids instead of 2. Her and I went to Costco but we were driving on this random road. We saw the sunset and it was gorgeous and we wanted to get out and watch it and take photos. We had the 3 kids and it was 7:30pm and they had woken up from a nap before we left and I thought it was way past dinner time for them and I bet they were starving. They were all so little like maybe one or under. I was going to ask her about dinner but decided it wasn't my business. Apparently she was in a relationship too and she had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend. Before we went to Costco, we ended up turning around because her boyfriend wanted her to come home so they could talk or something. I remember going to her house and it was different than the house she has now. I told her I was going to go home and then I woke up.
May 4 I had a dream that I was in this math class but there were so many noises and distractions outside of the classroom that I couldn't concentrate. I got behind on an assignment and kept asking the girls around me what page we were on. I've also never turned in like 5 to 6 math pages in like an hour. And then my mom comes in for some reason and I'm talking to her and these other guys in the room are hitting on her. I then received this note asking why I was behind or not caught up with assignments from my teacher. I tried to type that I was distracted by all of the outside noise and couldn't concentrate but when I tried typing it, it didn't work.
10 min before class ended, the teacher asked me and 3 others to go into this room and basically stay after class. I go in there later than everyone, this standing desk ends up sinking down. Ugh it was one thing after another. Finally my teacher understood why I wasn't getting my assignments done and said if that was the reason, I could just put on headphones once I know what's assigned and then I spent the remainder of the time catching up on my final assignment while the other 4 or 5 people watched a movie.
May 6 So this controversial movie came out about race and Jennifer Lopez was In it and a black man her age was also in it. Everyone watched this movie but it caused a lot of riots and controversy. I was helping out people when it came to finding seats for this movie and making room for them. I had seen it myself about 3 times. So anyway after I was done doing that, people were running down to either run from people or to look at something. We ended up by a river and I was right along the river and I knew if I didn't move, I would end up in the river so I ended up going back up the hill and next thing I know, I'm in the middle of riots and shootings. There was this guy that was shooting every other person that went by. It wasn't a real gun but maybe a pellet gun or something. I ended up getting hit 8 different times until I finally saw this door in this hallway. I went inside and locked the main door and decided To take a shower. I locked that door but apparently 3 other people were able to unlock it. They were my friends though and let me know because I wanted to shower and I was showering in my clothes. All of the sudden I turn off the water, I hear my friend latonya talking to someone out in the room and it was a man and he said "I know someone else is in here" and she kept telling him no, no. And I could hear him getting closer and closer and than I woke up.
May 13 I had a dream that if I swallowed one more time I would die. Well I woke up in a panic but I'm not dead:) I've had dreams like this often lately and it is strange. 
May 22 I had a dream I was in Utah with Jace and Kevin. My Mom let us borrow her truck and I was driving and we went to this place, I don't remember what it was but I started yelling at this lady behind the counter.
June 2 I had a dream that I was 4 hours away from marrying Kevin. We decided to do a ceremony in our backyard with a large open space and pretty roses with three other couples that would also be getting married (who we knew). I didn't buy a dress because all of our money was going to having children or preparing for more kids so we decided to do something simple. The power had gone out so they were there working on it. I was doing my hair and no one was there helping me. No one. I called my mom and she had planned on being there and Kevin was on the phone with his mom who was planning on being there. I was starving and this cook was making me chili but it took an hour to make after I thought I would be eating. I woke up before the wedding could happen. 
July 11 I haven't been able to remember my dreams in so long but this one was so clear for me. I opened my bank app and saw that my old job from 6 months ago sent me $300 because they had a really good month.i was not going to complain. Then I was going through my junk email and saw a long string of emails from my job before my last job, Sector45, and their clients has requested me to do their social media and they had some questions about certain things. It was 3 days of being attached on these emails and I hadn't worked for them in like two years so it was rather surprising. Then one of them called me and I was at our old house in PG. I talked with him for a second and he said he was reading the newspaper because he didn't have to close tonight. I had to pee so I put my phone on the floor and went pee. Then chanel, devon and sawyer were at the house and I talked to chanel for a minute who was in the bathroom I was just in. Devon and Sawyer went in the room where I had just put my phone down and realized I didn't mute the phone call. Sawyer went to go grab it because for some reason it was a carrot shaped phone so it looked like a toy. I grabbed it just in time and went Into the other room. I know the client was going to bring everyone on so we could discuss this over the phone. I went into the den and all I hear is this vibrating noise. There was one other phone in the room and I picked it up and no one was calling and I was so confused. I then woke up and realized it was my alarm that was vibrating and I could hear it so clear in my dream. I was happy about the $300 but will never know if I ended up getting or helping those clients ?‍♀️
July 18 I had a dream that someone reached out to me a month after I sold a tumbler and told me that it was falling apart. I woke up right before I came to a resolution. 
July 30 I had a dream that I had a 1 or 2 year old baby girl and I was with Susy who was putting her in some class and doing it through a Facebook group. Nana and papa were both their my girl ran to nana and sat on her lap. Nana wore the funniest shirt and I wish I could remember it. It said something about two car types and then the alphabet. Weird but funny. My daughter didn't initially get into this class but then I told Sus that she did. 
I also had a dream that I was back in school and had to go through elementary school all over again. It was the strangest thing ever. It was like my life started over but at like erd or 4th grade.
August 25 I had a Dream that Amanda and I were playing this interactive casino game on the tv and it said her amount of money was 40. We kept thinking it meant 4,000$ but then she said it was $40,000 because I guess it was in thousands! I was sooo happy that she could win that for her family! I had Kevin try it and there was this interactive thing. This guy went to this fish tank and pulled fish out like that was how you won or something and then the game stopped and went to the next show. I was so confused so I looked and he had spent all of the money I had left on this one play without realizing it and then the game was over because I lost. I had like $100 left!! We both talked about getting our paychecks early and then he left. I was so mad at him. 
September 3 I had a dream that I was working at this call center and my boss was Erin. She always came in late and since I had been there the longest, I would always help those who needed help when she was not there. I was going to talk to her about this and let her know that I am usually compensated when I help others. I have been a team lead before so I guess I wanted to see if there was a way I could be compensated since it's taking away from my job and my job was comission. It was like a mixture of Progrexion and Saxton Horne. Anyways, she came in and she was like an hour late and I asked if we could talk. She told me that I always wanted to talk about things but we tried to find an office that was empty that we could go in. The first office was full of stuff so we didn't walk in. The second one was huge and had a couch and also a lot of stuff but enough to where we could sit down. As a joke I said, "That would be funny if someone was sleeping on the couch" because there was so much stuff around and on top of it. Sure enough, I literally saw some one. And then I saw two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine people pop their heads out all around the couch. I figured Erin should probably address this situation compared to mine so I let her know that and left her alone. On my way back to my seat, the entire team had their dirty clothes on wagons and they were taking them to this laundry room that we had at work. They were taking a break to do laundry which I thought Erin would also get mad about but apparently this was a thing. I also had a dream that I was at a waterpark and I had go down this rooftop like I was running away from somebody. That part is a blur but for the most part, my dreams were very realistic.
September 5 I had a dream that I was going to go to Vegas with a friend (who ended up being my sister). I had $319 in my account and i knew I had to pay for two nights in Vegas and gambling and I didn't think I had enough money. We were at Nana and Papa's house and decided to only stay in Vegas one night instead of two which saved me a lot of money. We looked at hotels online and for some reason we didn't want to do like a Motel or cheaper route even thought that would have saved me money. We never made it to Vegas in my dream although we were on our way and for some reason, it's like I forgot how to drive. Just getting down the street, I almost ran into fences and cars. I stopped at the end of the street before I had to turn right and there was this pool on the right side. I thought that I could just plow through the pool (I didn't though) and there was a wall so I was super confused on why that wall was there (that's where the water stopped but obviously it was a pool so it wasn't a road). We decided to go in the pool and I was asking this guy why there wasn't a road to go through the pool. We were talking to this guy and my sister ended up kissing him. There was a guy and girl that we also talked to so we were sitting on this step and it was Amanda, the guy, me, and then another couple. We figured maybe we didn't need to go to Vegas afterall. 
September 18 I had a very descriptive and fun dream. My nana, papa, Kevin, Jace, Amanda and other friends and family were in my dream. We were at this huge event and staying there for at least a night. Papa and Nana were supposed to drive home separate but after nana left 7 hours before, papa told us he hurt his leg and didn't want to tell anyone. We were trying to figure out how to get him home. Kevin was drunk because it was this party and there was alcohol. I tried to figure out how we were getting home because we stayed at the hotel the night before. Also, Jace wasn't with us but someone else was watching him but when we were making this decision, that person didn't want to watch him anymore so we had to figure out what to do. The front of the hotel was closed until almost 1am so we couldn't see how much it would be for another night. I had drank but didn't really want to drive if I didn't have to, I wasn't drunk though. I heard that a hotel a few blocks away was $180-$250/night. Kevin had made some friends this day and I got to spend a lot of time with my family. I went through Kevin's phone and saw one of his friends sent him a photo of this girls booty. I have been watching too much of Divorce Court with the Cutlers because most of it involves cheating with photos or dating apps (in real life). It was a fun dream being at this event, I don't remember the details although when I first woke up I did. If I remember more, I'll be sure to write it down :)
September 22 I had a dream that Matt from my old old job called me and wanted to extend a job offer to me and wanted to keep working together. I actually don't like him but needed a job so I accepted. 
October 1st I had a dream that I was up all night with some friends and I had an interview the next morning. At first, I went into a kitchen and saw a bunch of stuff knocked over and went outside and my aunt and uncle were in this hot tub. I asked them if they were drunk. Next thing I know, I am at a bowling alley with friends. I was talking to this guy but nothing happened. I had an interview scheduled for I think 9am and I hadn't slept at all. I got a call I guess around 8:45 or so and it was like a pre-call making sure I was still available. She asked me when I had gone to bed and I told her I hadn't yet. I'm not sure why or if she could even ask that but she did. It was weird. And today, I am dragging all day. I am so exhausted as if I literally did stay up all night.
October 3 I had a dream I was at the school and was getting blamed for going to the PX and impersonating someone else. I had no idea what they were talking about as it was 3 security guards that were basically yelling at me and wanted me arrested. I was crying and they were asking me who this impersonated person was and I had no idea! Then I got this call and it was someone saying my brother had died as he was playing a sport. I couldn't believe it and wasn't sure if they were joking because they thought i was impersonating this person. Come to find out, my brother was alive and well so i think i was set up. I was so extremely sad in my dream though. 
October 8 I had a dream I was in a car with Kevin and Morgan and Kevin was drunk and I could see him swerving because he was driving. We ended up crashing into something and I thought I would wake up at a hospital but instead I was in this house trying to get glass out of every part of my body. Morgan (even though she is married to Kevin's brother) wanted Kevin and I told her he would never change and I left and we basically broke up right then and there. 
October 10 I had a dream that I had to do a four VR session of Japana for me to pass something. Well I didn't start the session until after midnight and I was able to end around 2:15am. I woke up so tired because in my dream I was up late and doing this VR was kind of tough. I was the avatar and I had to go through certain steps and actually pass the four hour round. My avatar was in Japan but I had to do all of these different tricks and I had a lady next to me who was telling me what to press and what to do to get through the challenges. I had to jump and go through these clouds or something. I think I had to jump on haystacks. It was very strange.
October 14 My dreams have been so vivid lately, it's very strange. I continue to have dreams about swallowing my tongue or I'm about to swallow my tongue and right when I am about to, I wake up, or in my dream I'm told if I do, then I die, and then I wake up. Apparently it means I have a lot of stress - mainly financial - which is 100% true. I also had a dream that cars were on like this rollercoaster track so they didn't drive like normal. I had parked my car and it had barely tapped the car in front of me which Papa was driving. I got out because one of my friends wanted to finish the driving or something and she ended up driving a little bit more into the back of Papa's car which ended up pushing him down the track and he just kept going and couldn't stop. I found out the next day that the car had crashed and he had passed away :( I didn't cry for some reason. If he passed away in real life, I don't know how I would go on with my life. I also had a dream that we were living at a hotel or living at apartments that looked like a hotel. They had several floors and I just remember going down the steps but I don't remember where we were going or why. 
October 15 I had a dream about two spiders. One spider was huge and had huge legs and I killed it. The other was small. I also killed it. My uncle had invited us to his retirement in my dream and I wasn't sure if I was going. He was telling everyone to eat this grapefruit that he had had prepared for us, but when I went to the bowl, it was already gone. Then he told me that I'm just like my dad and I don't pay attention to anything :(