Farmed Versus Wild Salmon

I've been buying farmed salmon thinking I was being a good, responsible, environmentally aware person who cares about the dear wild salmon ... so I was shocked to read this in Fast Fish by Hugh Carpenter.Much has been written about environmental concerns with farm-raised salmon. Having reviewed the data, we recommend that you purchase only wild salmon. The many serious environmental issues with farm-raised salmon include: It is bio-engineered (escaped farm-raised salmon might cross with wild salmon and compromise its ability to survive in the wild. The floating feedlots are extremely harmful to surrounding fragile marine environments and communities. It takes at least 3 pounds of ground wild fish, such as herring and anchovy, to yield 1 pound of farm-raise salmon. And it is still common to add red food coloring (synthetic carotenoids) to the feed of farm-raised salmon in order to artificially color the flesh.