Fried Chicken Tenders

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, my intent was to have two blogs done before Christmas. With the busyness of the holiday season, I didn't get around to doing that until now - so now you get two recipes in one day :)

For these Fried Chicken Tenders, I actually used two recipes - one for the ingredients and one for the actual oil and frying instructions. Below is our version, it took a little bit longer than anticipated based on how many chicken tenders, how much oil was used, and how long it took to heat up. If you make these, please comment below and let me know if you liked these or if you found an easier way to fry them. Enjoy!

-4 chicken breasts, cut into tenders
-1 cup buttermilk
-2 eggs, beaten
-2 cups flour
-2 1/2 tsp salt
-3/4 tsp pepper
-1/8 tsp pepper
-1/8 tsp paprika
-1/8 tsp garlic powder
-1/8 tsp baking powder
-3-4 cups canola oil for frying

Cut the chicken breasts into tenders (10-12) and soak them in a bowl with the buttermilk for 30 minutes.


While that is soaking, place the canola oil in a frying pan (no more than halfway full) 3-4 cups on medium-high heat. This took probably 15 minutes for me to heat this oil up. You want it to be hot enough to where if you flick cold water on the hot water, you can hear it sizzle. 
While this is soaking, add the eggs to one bowl and the flour and spices to a second bowl. 

Once the chicken is done soaking and the oil is hot, dip each piece of chicken from the buttermilk bowl to the flour mixture. Dip in egg mixture and back into the flour mixture. Shake excess flour gently off and put onto a baking sheet. Repeat with all of the pieces. Be sure to slide the chicken into the pan from a baking sheet. Don't throw the chicken in the oil. The original recipe said to let the chicken cook for about 7-10 minutes per side but since I had so much in the pan, it was more like 20 minutes per side so just keep an eye on it and flip when it starts to get crispy and brown. 

Remove from pan and use towel to wipe off any extra grease. Serve with ranch dressing or bbq sauce and mashed potatoes.

Let me know if you make these and how you like them! Comment below with questions, recommendations, or how you make fried chicken tenders!